Star Junction 1, Liberty City/Times Square 2, New York CityStar Junction 1, Liberty CityTimes Square 2, New YorkBroker Bridge 2, Liberty City/Brooklyn Bridge 3, New York CityBroker Bridge 2, Liberty CityBrooklyn Bridge 3, New YorkView-Master© (Times Square 4, New York City)ME TV (Star Junction 3, Liberty City)View-Master© (Detail)ME TV (Detail)
It seems to be an accepted fact that – barring some global catastrophe – technology will continue to speed along until virtual reality and reality will be essentially indistinguishable from each other. At that point, virtual reality will be considered reality, and no attempt to differentiate or prioritize them will occur. We will live in multiple realities: cyberspace and meatspace. The term reality will encompass them both.

This series was originally created for the group show Neo Sapien, which explored post-humanism and the cyborg image through different media. It attempts to replicate photos taken in New York City with photos taken in Liberty City, the virtual city within the game Grand Theft Auto IV that, although satirical, is a close approximation of NYC. All details - from location to time of day to number of exposures - were matched as closely as possible. In the future, other photos taken within Liberty City, and different virtual cities, will be added.